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Pressure, Differential Pressure, Pressure + Temperature, Pressure + Differential Pressure sensors, transducers and Digital gauges using exclusive Krystal Bond & strain gage technology providing long term output stability Models have UL, CSA, ABS listings and Hazardous Area listings

Military Duty DC/DC Step-Up & Step-Down Voltage Converters, DC/AC Power Inverters, AC & DC Source Battery Chargers, AC/DC Power Supplies; Rugged heavy duty On-Road, Off-Road, Marine and Military power conversion solutions. Custom solutions to 12KVA

Precision Force Balance, Piezoelectric, Quartz  Accelerometers; Inclinometers single & biaxial; Acoustic & Dynamic Pressure transducers; Piezoelectric Strain sensors and Hand Held Vibration measurement equipment

Speed, Motion and Direction sensors; Geartooth sensors both Hall Effect and Variable Reluctance for true Zero Speed sensing; and Zero speed proximity switches.  Custom body configurations.   

Single & Dual Axis Joystick and Linear & Angular Position Sensors; Technologies: Hall Effect, Inductive and Potentiometric: Selectable Outputs: Analog, PWM & CAN Bus; Dual & Dual Redundant Options; Sealed up to IP69k 


Liquid Level & Temperature Sensors: Technologies: Reed Switch, Capacitive & Conductive  with Single & Multipoint Switching and Continuous Analog outputs.  Remote mounted controls offer a complete system package. Combined with multiple mechanical options feature provided a complete packages that fits the 1st time